The Hackett Foundation

The Hackett Foundation was established in 1998 to facilitate philanthropy towards UWA. The Foundation is not a separate legal entity and so all charitable gifts are therefore gifts to UWA. All major University campaigns come under the auspices of the Hackett Foundation.

Established to meet the demands of the new century, the Hackett Foundation will ensure our University continues to deliver academic leadership, while embracing change and challenge.

To enable the University to pursue its mission and achieve these goals, the Hackett Foundation seeks to forge new alliances within the community. As a proud graduate of UWA, I invite you to join us in this exciting enterprise.

Sir Rod Eddington AO, Hackett Foundation Chair

Donations to The University of Western Australia via the Hackett Foundation provide valuable student support through access and equity scholarships, vital research projects, academic support through endowed academic positions, construction of modern facilities, as well as other important projects.

As a charitable entity, all gifts to UWA are tax deductible. All gift processing costs are covered by the University so donors can be assured that 100 per cent of their gift will be used for the purpose that it was given. Gifts to Hackett Foundation projects range from philanthropic grants, to monetary donations, to in-kind giving and bequests.

A Valuable Role

The Patrons of the Hackett Foundation are a recognised group of volunteers who lend support and guidance to the University in its fundraising endeavours. The Patrons are distinguished persons who may be alumni of the University, and who support the University’s vision and wish to help by donating time and resources. Patrons are appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and may serve as long as they feel they are able.

The Patrons of the Hackett Foundation meet once a year in a combined meeting of the Senate Development Committee at its last meeting of the year. This meeting is a means of keeping the Patrons informed of the University’s fundraising priorities and initiatives, and provides the Patrons with a forum to express their views and provide guidance to the University. This does not preclude any Patron contacting the Vice-Chancellor or the Director of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations on matters to do with fundraising at any other time during the year.

Two Patrons are invited by the Chancellor to serve on the Senate Development Committee and the Chair of the Patrons of the Hackett Foundation is a standing invitee of this Committee. Patrons may also be asked to serve on University fundraising committees as Leadership volunteers from time to time.