UWA volunteer fundraiser role statement

Leadership volunteers sit at the heart of The University of Western Australia’s fundraising efforts and the University seeks to recruit a diverse group of volunteer leaders for all of its Fundraising Committees. The Fundraising Committee, in conjunction with the University’s Senate Development Committee, will lead and support the solicitation of philanthropic support for focused campaigns.

Expectations of the University

To assist Leadership volunteers to undertake their role on a Fundraising Committee the University will provide the following:

  • UWA leadership for the campaign through the Vice-Chancellor and Executive, the Development Committee and if appropriate the Dean of the relevant faculty.
  • A clearly articulated case for support, including fundraising objectives and priorities.
  • A professional fundraising team operating through the Office of Development that will:
    • prepare marketing material and communications;
    • develop proposals for the Committee’s review and endorsement and subsequent presentation to potential donors;
    • provide research on prospects;
    • manage budget and staffing matters;
    • provide resources for the campaign and associated events;
    • receipt and acknowledge donations;
    • assist with soliciting gifts; and
    • provide ongoing stewardship of donors.
  • Support for Fundraising Committee meetings, including secretarial support for the preparation of agendas and minutes.
  • If appropriate, the commitment of the associated Faculty that will:
    • provide information required to build the case for support;
    • promote the campaign to staff, alumni and industry;
    • participate in the Fundraising Committee meetings and in developing proposals for prospects;
    • actively engage in building external relations;
    • participate in presentations to potential donors and sponsors; and
    • ensure delivery of donors’ wishes and sponsors’ agreed benefits.

Role of Volunteer Fundraising Committee Members

Volunteer leaders who become members of a Fundraising Committee are likely to contribute differently according to their experience and personal means. This contribution will include a willingness and capacity to:

  • Take an active role in representing, liaising and marketing the campaign within the University, and to the broader State, National and International communities.
  • Provide an external perspective in setting the campaign’s goals, targets and strategy, and in helping to structure the organisation and timing of the campaign.
  • Speak about their own philanthropic commitment to the University, and to lend credibility to the campaign by allowing the use of their name in solicitation approaches and in publications.
  • Identify and solicit others for major gifts, including facilitating and hosting events and meetings designed to further cultivate potential donors.
  • Help with the stewardship of existing and new major donors.
  • Attend Fundraising Committee meetings during the year. The term of Volunteer Leaders on a Fundraising Committee is normally for two years.