Campaign Priorities

The New Century Campaign will raise an unprecedented $400 million in philanthropic and partnership support. This financial foundation is critical to our position as a world-class institution of teaching, learning and research ─ now and into the future.

Aerial photograph of UWA campus showing future engineering zone

With our alumni, corporate partners and friends, we will create the future through investment in five key priority areas:

Student Experience

A safe, equitable and progressive world depends on educating today’s youth to be tomorrow’s global citizens. Through scholarships and access programs we will support our future leaders with a transformative, world-class education.

Research Endowment

Cutting-edge research will address global challenges and create a better world. Through research initiatives, we will feed the world’s population; support sustainable health and wellbeing; design liveable cities; understand and care for our precious environment; increase cultural understanding; and expand enterprise and innovation in a global, knowledge-based economy within the burgeoning Asian Zone.

Academic Leadership and Excellence

Endowed research chairs and new postdoctoral fellowships will guarantee our State’s future as a knowledge powerhouse, attracting and retaining a globally-focussed generation of academic leaders.

Engineering Zone (EZONE UWA)

The establishment of EZONE UWA, a critical piece of interdisciplinary infrastructure, will provide a network of flexible research and teaching spaces, promote creative collaboration and innovation, increase industry outreach and enrich the student experience.

Aboriginal Cultures Museum

UWA’s new Aboriginal Cultures Museum will be one of the most influential exhibition and research facilities in Australia, housing the world-leading Centre for Rock Art Research and Management. The museum will ensure access for all, to foster greater appreciation of culture and diversity.

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