Providing a home on campus

UWA is investing in increased student accommodation space. Opened in 2013, University Hall is the first student residence owned and operated by the University. The need for accommodation scholarships for this new residential hall is compelling.

University Hall

Living and learning on campus is known to create a more engaging, rewarding and successful student experience.

The combination of easy access to professional and peer support, along with quality accommodation close to lecture halls, libraries and other resources, lessens the pressures of student life. In residence, students are part of a vibrant community, surrounded by a diversity of thinking that expands their perspectives while enhancing their studies. In residence, students form bonds that will last a lifetime.

The strain of off-campus living

Perth’s commercial boom has sent off-campus rental prices soaring. To live affordably outside the city often requires students to use limited public transport. This translates into long commutes and even longer days, impacting their ability to achieve success in their studies and actively engage in the University community.

The strain of off-campus living can be particularly acute for rural and international students, who must contend with the costs of relocation as well as cultural adjustment. For some, disproportionate part-time work to pay the bills is a fact of life.

With residential scholarships, students receive the gift of a complete campus experience – the room to explore life and learning in the company of peers, free from the financial worry of accommodation expenses.

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