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The UWA School of Music’s mission is to teach and inspire exceptional artistic and academic students, regardless of their social and economic status, to realise their highest potential.


The School has a long and proud tradition of producing outstanding musicians, benefitting from strong community ties and engaging music lovers in a wide range of outreach programs and concerts.

Every Specialist Music Studies student receives one hour of one-on-one instruction from a professional musician each week. Interacting with great music masters is a priceless experience through which students come to understand and incorporate methodologies, theory and performance practice.

Reta Thornton BequestMentoring is vital to the development of emerging artists and to their future success as musicians. Students are given the opportunity to study and practise with a Maestro in Residence, learning to model their preparation and performance after the most acclaimed performers of our day.

Through the New Century Campaign, $8 million will be raised for an endowed fund dedicated to individual music tuition, critical to the moulding of young musicians and the development of professional musicianship.

Selected music tuition gift opportunities:

  • $1.6 million creates an endowment to benefit Woodwind students
  • $1.3 million endows support for talented Voice students
  • $1.2 million endows a fund for Strings musicians
  • $1 million endows a fund for Composition students
  • $750,000 creates an endowment in support of Brass students
  • $750,000 endows a visiting Maestro in Residence
  • $400,000 builds an endowment for our Percussion students

The Reta Thornton Bequest of $1.1 million has endowed a fund for keyboard tuition.

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