Fairway UWA

The Fairway UWA program recognises that students who face financial hardship and other difficult circumstances, like a disrupted migrant or refugee passage, can be prevented from achieving their true academic potential.

The UWA community believes in and provides invaluable support to these students as they work towards their goal of a University education.

Fairway UWA began in 2012 with 43 Year 12 students from many different schools around the State. Through generous donations from our alumni, we have been able to support 200 students through the program with 97% of these receiving offers from a WA university.

Funding from the Annual Fund has provided individual support to the students in several vital areas:

  • Subscription to the online ‘Your Tutor’ program, allowing the students to login from anywhere and chat with an online tutor about problems in a number of subjects.
  • Specialist tutoring and master classes during the Winter School Camp at UWA and school holidays.
  • Travel costs for regional students to attend the UWA Winter School Camp.
  • Internet and laptop support for students who do not have access.
  • Officeworks vouchers for each student to help them purchase school supplies.

The first two cohorts of Fairway UWA students have proven to be a great success with 107 out of the 137 realising their goal of attending University, and 79 students completing the program this year.

Thanks to generous support from UWA alumni and friends, we continue to encourage and inspire more young people to achieve their true academic potential.

2014 Fairway UWA students say thank you

2014 Fairway UWA graduates

Fairway to me is like an open door of opportunity and motivation.

2014 Fairway UWA graduate

UWA alumni and friends continued to generously support the Fairway UWA program in 2014, assisting Year 12 students through their final year of study.

On Wednesday 3 December 2014, 79 Year 12 students graduated from the Fairway UWA program.

Students were joined by family, friends and faculty staff, as well as special guest speaker and Fairway UWA donor Dr Ken Michael AC CitWA, who presented students with their graduation certificates.

During the graduation ceremony, some of the students and their parents spoke about what Fairway UWA meant to them:

Fairway to me is a great program which allows students to gain knowledge about what university is like. It is a program in which students are inspired, encouraged and motivated to develop good study habits and skills that are helpful in their final year of high school. It is a great opportunity to learn, grow as well as make new friends.

2014 Fairway UWA graduate

Fairway provided an amazing support network and platform for our son, as a future university student. The access to mentors, programs on offer and the university campus/facilities provided a window that my son would otherwise not have had the opportunity to experience. The unconditional support the Fairway team offered not only my son directly but also ourselves as parents has been very much appreciated and valued.

Parent of a 2014 Fairway UWA graduate