Dr Annette Finn and Dr Donald Stewart

Appreciating longstanding loyalty

Consistent giving to the University demonstrates an outstanding loyalty that we greatly appreciate. Many long-term donors are motivated to give by a strong family connection with UWA. Others are driven by their deep appreciation of the transformative educational experience and solid foundation in life UWA provides.

Annette Finn and Donald Stewart

We are pleased to celebrate three loyal donors who have been giving to UWA for 15 years or more. The story of one of these regular donors (a Medicine graduate who prefers to remain anonymous) beautifully illustrates the importance of UWA in the hearts of many of our alumni, and their reasons for donating.

I support UWA as I very much appreciated my education there. My three siblings and I were the first generation in our family to go to university and knew how privileged we were. Two of my children have degrees from UWA too. I am surprised that my meagre donations are regarded as outstanding when so many of us have benefited from our education there.

One of my great loves was the campus grounds and I have maintained my contact by being a participating member of the Friends of the Grounds. All our overseas visitors are proudly shown around the campus.

Semi-retired paediatrician Dr Annette Finn has also given consistently to the University for 15 years. Initially a bursary student at UWA, Annette’s studies took her to London but she finished her training as a senior registrar in Perth.

German has long been a passion of Annette’s and an interest she shares with her daughter, also a UWA graduate, who is completing her PhD in German. Annette is currently completing a diploma in German and enjoys being part of the UWA community. The Alumni Weekend and Luminous Night in 2013 were highlights for her.

“UWA has been part of my life for over 40 years. It’s wonderful that the institution that was the genesis of my career is able to provide me with opportunities to learn and engage as I reach the end of my career.”

Retired anaesthetist Dr Donald Stewart and his family have had a connection with UWA since 1925 when his mother Gladys studied Arts. In 1932 Don’s father Norman was one of the Engineering students who completed the Winthrop Hall reflecting pond just before the official opening of the Great Hall. The pond was filled before the cement was dry and the story is now legendary.

His children completed their degrees at UWA, and Don enjoys being part of the UWA community, regularly catching up with friends at the University Club, which they call the “Old Fellows’ Club.”

Don believes his and his family’s UWA education provided them a solid foundation for a fortunate professional and personal life, and he has given back for more than 15 years with regular donations.

We wish to thank all our long term and regular donors. This loyal and dedicated support from our alumni endorses our work towards our mission to further the prosperity and wellbeing of the people of WA.